ABout Us

Hi and welcome to NatruSense Jewlz Boutique-  where here, we create jewelry that positively inspires; jewelry that enhances and transforms your style. And most important, we create jewelry with meaning...

NatruSense Jewlz started in 2012 as a hobby; a form of creative expression and as a therapeutic and positive way for my daughter to manage and live with her developmental disability. Creating necklaces and bracelets with craft beads and gimp became a way to de-stress and to calm while at the same time, tap into our creative abilities. Sales from her creations were donated in support of the Special Olympics, where my daughter, Jaz won several metals for swimming and track.

Using the best quality materials- precious metals- sterling silver; copper; semi precious gemstones; glass; wood; leathers- in addition to other metals. We at NatruSense strive to create that unique piece of jewelry to compliment your style; your uniqueness. Each artisian piece is handcrafted which adds that personal touch and a one-of-a-kind statement peice.

Our intentions here at NaturSense Jewlz is to create quality pieces of jewelry that will inspire, uplift, create a sense of peace, and enhance your unique style- All at affordable pricing.

NatruSense Welcomes You & We thank You for Visiting and Shopping with Us.

~ Tyra